Great Estate Liquidators LLC

Estate Sale Overview

We tailor to each individual situation. Our sales are typically 1-3 days.
 Our sales are organized, clean and and priced with tags for a smoother shopping experience. We run everything through a cash register in a professional manor with a "Z" report ran at the conclusion of every business day. However, items are not itemized as it would quadruple the time it would take to check each person out. Our sales tend to be standing room only! A customer frustrated by a lengthy check out experience results in customes walking out without making their purchase. 

Services included in an onsite Estate Sale:
  • Complete staging and set-up of entire estate 
  • Conduction ofthe estate sale
  • All advertising costs, and signage. We advertise on multiple online venues before and Updates during the sale as well as detailed emails to our own extensive email list.
  • Break down of any leftover sale items
  • Tables, display cases and canopies as needed
  • Research and pricing of all items
  • Security 
  • We accept cash or credit, no checks!
Please view our frequently asked questions page as well!

We are the only Estate Sale company that does NOT charge set up and/or Advertising Fees!!