Great Estate Liquidators LLC

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Estate Sale?
An estate sale is the liquidation of used belongings, usually managed by a professional company. Items are marked with a tag, stating the price.
Who can benefit from our Services?
  • Any family who has lost a loved one and need the estate liquidated in an estate sale.
  • Anyone dealing with a separation or divorce that wishes to liquidate joint belongings.
  • Anyone faced with an estate in dispute, or in probate, and need the items valued, cataloged and/or sold.
  • Any person or company needing to reduce their estate, needing to relocate, facing a foreclosure or simply wanting to sell their belongings or collectible items.
  • Individuals relocating due to company assignment or for business purposes.
  • Any other situation where you may need an inventory, valuation, or sale of your items.
Where is the sale held?
We offer two options. The first option, sale takes place where the belongings are to be liquidated. The second option is an off site sale. We pick up all the items to be sold and sell them at another location. It is usually a three day event, held on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
Can you hold a sale in my home while it is occupied?

NO. We have found that trying to set up and conduct a sale while someone is living in the home is next to impossible. We turn your living space into a retail space and we tend to work crazy hours during set up. Things get moved, doors get blocked, there is no place to cook, sleep etc...
What if you find personal items?
Documents, money, or anything that is considered personal to us will be set aside for you to go through.
What if I am in charge of another person's estate, and or live out of state?
No problem, we just need legal documentation stating you are the representative for the estate and that you are able to execute any decisions that will be made. We often work with estate attorneys as all arrangements can be done via phone and email. Upon correspondence with the attorney, we will take care of it all for you.
Should I wait until my home is sold to have my sale?
We feel it is most effective to host a sale prior to the closing of the home. Some real estate agents may disagree, but depending on how quickly your home may sell, time could be limited. Having a sale first rids contents to make the homes interior appear cleaner and more desirable. Removing the contents prior makes it easier to do repairs, clean, and pack your belongings.
How does Great Estate Liquidators LLC charge?
There is no up-front or out-of-pocket expense to you. On Site Estate Sales are commision based and will be discussed during your free onsite consu;tation. Depending on the location of items to be sold, there could be additional fees.  There is no set up or advertizing fees. Depending on the situation, there can be a trash hauling fee that can run $175 a load (dump and labor fees included)
Can I attend my own sale?
No, we ask you find something relaxing to do while we take care of everything for you. At times this can cause emotional stress with you being there and seeing sentimental items be sold. We are more than happy to give you updates via phone or text during the sale.
How long does it take to set up for the sale?
Usually 2-3 weeks depending on the size of the estate. We need ample time to sort, organize, research, price, and advertise. Our Calendar does fill up quickly, we suggest you give us a call asap to set up your consultation.If you are selling your home we strongly encourage you to contact us PRIOR to listing it as the market is hot right now. If your home sells and closes quickly we might not be able to get you into our schedule. (we normally are scheduled approx. 6 weeks out) Great Estate Liquidators offers a wide variety of services. We will determine at your free consultaion what route is best suited for you and your unique situation.
What does the sale process entail?
  • Organizing, preparing and staging the sale
  • Putting any personal items aside
  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Extensive Pricing Research
  • Providing tables and display cases as needed
  • Manage the Sale
  • After Sale Breakdown
What Happens to Unsold Items?
We are determined to sell everything, but in reality we only have 3 days, possibly a few more to get everything sold. At times, upon completion of the sale, there are leftover belongings. You or other family members at your discretion are more the welcome to keep anything. We can arrange to remove all remaining items for you. Together we can then determine what will go to donation, consignment, and to the curb. 
What if I have rare collectibles or fine art prints to sell?
We will use our experience and research to determine the best profitable route to sell a specialty item. If we are unable to assess the item properly, we will seek advice from one of our trusted private buyers or appraisers who hold vast knowledge in that category. You are always welcome to place a reserve on the item. 
Do you sell cars, boats, motorcycles etc?
Yes. We have experience selling these items and will immediately reach out to private buyers to generate interest. We need a copy of the title and it to be free and clear of any liens etc. If for some reason it does not sell at the sale, we can generate interest and sell after the sale is complete.
Should I sort or throw anything away before the sale?
No!!! ​Don’t throw anything away until we assess the contents. We can help you decide what will sell. However, if you have personal items that you want to reserve from the sale, it is fine to remove those items prior to consultation.
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